How Coachable Are You?

Coach-ability has to do with the ability to receive coaching/counselling and to use it for discovery, awareness, change and improvement. LifeChange Coaching, Counselling and Consulting, Executive Coach/Certified Professional Counsellor, Jodi, is willing to partner with YOU and put great energy and effort in significantly facilitating your success. Everyone NEEDS a coach/counsellor, but not everyone is ready to be coachable and receive counselling expertise. We believe one’s spiritual formation is a key component to unlocking growth and freedom in every Spectrum of Vitality© throughout one’s life. Christ Intervention© Spiritual Illumination will be a significant aspect of your coaching/counselling experiences. If you are not willing to explore this realm of your life LifeChange may not be for you. You need to be in a stage of your life where you are ready to evolve, to be stretched, and to make changes to achieve your desired goals. Coaching/counselling helps people to expand their visions for the future, build their confidence, get unstuck, unlock their true potential, increase their skills, move through transitions and take practical steps of action towards their goals. If you are considering coaching/counselling, seriously reflect on the questions below and determine how coachable you really are!

See if the TIME IS NOW for you and I to connect!

Answer the following questions using this scale:)
(1 - Never True 2 - Somewhat True 3 -Unsure 4 - Mostly True 5 -Absolutely True)

Answer below with only ONE value per question: